What we do.

We specialise in location recordings. The location could be at a school, college or university, a music room, church or hall, at a concert performance or even at your own house or that of a teacher.

The people we record are usually classical and jazz musicians although we've been very happy to work with other genres on many occasions with good results.

We are musicians so we understand from the point of view of those being recorded and we always try to generate a relaxed atmosphere during recording sessions so that artists feel comfortable and able to play their best.

If you are considering being recorded for the first time it may help to read the FAQ so that you know what to expect and also a little of how the process works.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

We have a small studio which could be used for certain recordings. It is very much geared towards electronic music and has a modest collection of instruments including a Minimoog, a large analogue modular synthesiser and a Hammond organ with Leslie 122.

Minimoog in the studio
Limits of services.

Unless you approach a large and famous studio with all the costs involved, it is likely that there will be a limit to what you can achieve for your recording.

It is for this reason that we speciallise in location recordings rather than keeping a large studio recording space just in case someone wants to use it.

We are able to record anything up to a full orchestra and if you have this in mind, we would suggest that you contact us to discuss the options, possibilities and limits of what can be done.

If you have any requests about venues or events which you want recorded, please give us a call to discuss your ideas as we may be able to come up with some useful suggestions.

Finally, we don't do smokey venues with drunks sloshing around.

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