General rates.

General rate on location.

£32 per hour.

Travel to and from the location.

£0.45p per mile.

Studio time.

£32 per hour.

Other charges.

CD mastering.

£32 per hour. Mastering can be outsourced (for vinyl records or high end mastering) if you prefer or you can have an unmastered recording (only mixed) depending on your requirements.

If you just want one or two unmastered CDs (.wav files or sd2 interleaved) from your recording session we will just burn them for you at no extra charge.

CD master.

£TBA per CD. These CDs are for sending to a production house and not for playing. We can suggest pressing/production services etc. if you need them.


£32 per hour. Printable CD image, case inserts etc.

Cleaning and restoration.

POA. We have access to some of the best equipment and expertise in the field and the results obtainable are among the highest standards available anywhere.

Extra equipment and/or personnel.

Hiring of extra or specialist equipment and/or personnel can be worked out between us as we discuss your needs. We do not add a profit to outside hire charges.

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